Flame of Hope


Flame of Hope

Ere stone was carved or tree was hewn,

When there were only earth and moon,

Ere dragons lived and died with woe,

Walked out the Fish, long long ago

From oceans ground, so dark and deep,

To breath the air from hence and creep.

In peace it lived for ages at Land,

Changed all its bones, got foot and hand.

Terror struck that peaceful scene

With cruelty before unseen,

When dinosaurs with wings arrived –
On trees it climbed,
And there survived.

An influence from outer space

Extinguished all that dragons race,

Shaped land anew, diminished wood,

Let Man come down – and there he stood!

Soon hE learned that alone he could

Not live without protecting hood,

A social brain, a common sense,

A strong agreement for defense.

In groups he dwelt: Some walked to hunt,

While Others laboured ground and plant.

Community gave extra power,

A light inside grew like a flower.

Each of them was filled with bliss,

Touched deep inside by mother’s kiss.

First Fish, then ape, and now as man –

Followed all a predicted plan?

With stroken stones and fiercing fire

Came at Hand a dark desire:

To rule the others – take their meal.

Life became a matter of deal.

By clans they formed their neighbourhood,

Struggled cruelly for goods and food.

Different than Others that were lost,

Endured the period of frost.

Higher and higher grew their skills,

And by that the number of ills.

Invented weapons, Poison – lied,

Tortured, ravished – all terrified.

But in all those darkened hours,

In the shadow of walls and towers,

Remained a little flamE apart

To heaten a forgotten heart.

It does not Spend any mortal light,

Gives everlasting warmth so bright.

The Flame of Hope, that is her name,

Each noble bears a spark o’the same.

She’s older just than the old sun.

Occurred at first when all begun

To Penetrate the darkest mist.

Bang! Universe b’gun to exist.

So hence she shines, Even unseen,

Where is a tree with leaves of green,

A song of joy, will to forgive,

A helping hand, power to live.

She has been there where evil was:

Where knights moved, mounted on high ross,

In holy Name to slaughterfield,

To kill there those who sought their shield.

Shone on rockets, made to Destroy,

Heard wicked lords’ laughter of joy

Seemed to help the false betrayer,

Give shadow to cruel slayer.

It’s hard to learn about that flame,

That Seems to play a bitter game:

Lets suffer those who live in fear,

Lets, on and on, evil things appear.

A trial it is – an old errand!

It’s pressure that forms the diamond,

The smithes’ strike that Strengthens steel,

Often a poison that spends heal.

Who stands that Trial, does never doubt,

Who acts with hope, will be the stout!

Much mightier than the darkest power

That will reach its final hour.

Even if that day is not in sight:

Combine thy spark with others’ light!

The smolder will become a blaze,

Saves all the uprights with their Race.

Splendid will be life thereafter,

Evil beaten with light laughter.

Almost as long thou sharest thy spark

There will be no return of dark.

Share with others land and good

And live in really brotherhood.

Nothing belongs to ye for real,

It’s only lent – so do Not steal!

Many that live deservest death,

But some that die deservest breath.

So don’t deal out what thou canst Give!

Won’t ye thyself not like to live?

And be aware in times of luck!

There might be always a bad struck

‘Cause evil never ends at all,

It only can be banned Till fall.

I, Hompax, have this written down.

Not to earn any gold nor crown,

But to give my knowledge at thy hand.

Read thoroughly and understand!

Ve skone skavatuu o bome batatuu
Da iiaitu pur terea e luneu
Ve rachei homaitu e moraitu finil
Ul pesche vevanatu - ve ioden uduniibil

(Die erste Strophe als Beispiel in meiner Sprache, dem Homlinge)

If all seems to be dark, remind thy inner spark - May the Flame bless thee

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